Maybe we need a “put down your cell phone day?”

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Cool graphs on the enormity of time…

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Great Race Videos!

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source These videos were shot by the kind folks at ITV.


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Go Mustangs!

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Main Train Station

HlavnĂ­ from peter bill on Vimeo.

This is an old DV-NTSC rez video I shot in 1999 and composited at the CARTAH lab at UW in 2000. I finally was able to digitize the full rez version. What’s funny is how LO rez 14 year old tech seems! Getting it off old DV tapes, the inherent chunkyness of interlaced video signals, it seems like model T, or when we used to read paper newspapers and get our hands dirty…

So lets get back to the old school, The faded Prague Spring of 1999-2000.
It was a two channel installation originally meant to project on opposite walls, with loud audio, so turn it up, and immerse in Praha ambient…