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    Print Design and Illustration

  • Prognosis Weekly
    Print Design and Illustration
    The first english language
    weekly in Eastern Europe

  • Photoshop 1.5
    Before there were layers

  • Poster Design
    You would think
    the director of
    the festival would
    get someone else
    to design the poster

  • Poster Design
    This was created with
    an Android app,
    an iOS app,
    and drawing by hand

  • Poster Design

Design Work

I cut my chops designing for Newspapers, then moved to multimedia and web, finally creating motion graphics. Design work for me is always in the service of my art, creative expression of information, or to put food on the table. One must always be aware of the audience: a music poster might be able to get away with just looking funky, if hard to read; A web banner for GE must be clean and clear. I have experiences doing just that at GE world-wide corporate headquarters, and printing a poster for a show at a Samizdat press in a squat in Prague. it is important as an artist and designer to be comfortable in both places.