Above see a gallery of work, below more descriptions of individual pieces.

watch River Voice Time The Gila River Collective zyban bladder infection wellbutrin xl 300 mg bupropion hcl sandoz-bupropion sr 100mg side effects will this particular go a long way This installation was over a year of planning, and producing the work as part of a residency at Santa Fe Art Institute. Allyson Siwik of the Gila Conservation Coalition worked with me to organize a proposal with Stephen Dirkes of Euphorium Brooklyn  and Kate Brown, the potter and animator from Mimbres, NM.

 In its current iteration, River Voice Time consists of 2 parts:

A claycrete Oja vessel, that contains projections on mist, fragrant distillations of river herbs and clay, and the stories of *you* our friends who have taken on the voice of the river, to embody it and give it concrete power that is human will; and a CNC cut table with a projected history of the geographic quadrant that eventually contains the Gila river watershed region going back 4 Billions years in time.

Projecting onto mist, with river perfumes to embed the experience in  memory

Digging in the river to collect the clay really connected us to the land the river carves through. That slippery clay that slicks your tires on a dirt road after a rain is great building material.

Fabbing the claycreate Oja, with Kate Brown Mibreño clay activist and animator

We had been working and collaborating in our three corners of the country (NYC, Seattle and the Mimbres)- getting together for a couple of weeks in Santa Fe was absolutely key, and we thank SFAI for hosting us as part of their water rights residency.

Creating Olfactory experiences with master perfumer Stephen Dirkes

The other half of our installation is our terrain map table. I have been researching the manner in which to use a CNC machine, essentially a big router on a robot arm you can use to carve and cut pieces of wood, metal, and plastic. Suffice to say there are 15 different ways using 25 different 3d apps that can possibly do this. Finally I was able to get a cut at Make Santa Fe, with the fantastic help of Zane and Stefan at Make Santa Fe, Catherine at Extraordinary Structures, and Jeff Boyd, GIS specialist. (blog post to come as to my particular recipe for achieving our terrain map)

Cutting Topography of the Gila Watershed with übergeek and New Media guru Peter Bill

Finally, we had been working on content to project on the table, and Kate created our stunning animations to bring the history to life.

Kate Brown speed drafts + creates Calderesque animations.

This project had the help of many good people! The Hotsprings Ranch for hosting us, SFAI for sponsoring our residency, and The Gila Conservation Coalition for making this all happen, among many others. The Gila is worth all of the hard work we put towards keeping it free, just as our spirits are free. However there are many deep interests in Grant Co and New Mexico that just want that water, and with our future of climate change, this fight to keep the wildness alive will not end in our lifetimes, nor those of our children.

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Single Channel video
played live at SONADA 2017
Anatomy Rooms
University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Filmed on location at Trinity Site, New Mexico USA; Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan


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Projection Mapping with live mix video+musical and poetic accompaniment
Trumpet: Danny Reyes
Sound design: Ann Marie Elder
Gila River Festival 2015

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Single Channel Video
Filmed around SW New Mexico, USA


8 Channel installation
Skirball Center, Los Angeles, CA

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2 Channel DV video
Filmed at the main train station in Prague, Czech republic in 1999
Composited at the CARTAH lab at the University of Washington
Premiered at SOIL gallery: Doggie Bag curated by Juniper Shuey