Gila Cycle

Project Info

3 video screens

looping BluRay disks

running time ~30 seconds.

perfume infused felt

Gila Cycle was created to capture an essence of three stages of the Gila River. The installation consists of three video screens, hidden behind a false wall, on which has been painted a Gila Landscape in grey. The observer sees the flicker of the video through the spy hole that has been built into it. As s/he moves in to view each video her nose is tickled by three different scents, or accords to match each video: Verdant Earth, Water and Earth, and Scorched Earth. Each scent was created by master perfumer of Greenpoint Brooklyn, Stephen Dirkes. Exhibit photos: Sky Klaus

Gila Immersion

Project Info

Live video projection
Music: Danny Reyes

Sound Design: Ann Marie Elder

A live video performance for the Gila River Festival Gala 2014. Students and I formatted timelapse, aerial, and GoPro action footage to play in ensemble with live poetry and the ethereal trumpet of Professor Reyes.

Seattle Koolhaus

Project Info

A performance at "the florence," an old theater at the base of Smith Tower, that had lain dormant and empty for 14 years.
bruce bennett- sound mix, keyboards
peter bill - pixel pushing, live paint, source vids
byron diel- drums, sound mix
vance gallaway- guitar, sound mix, tech coordination
michael zbyszynski- sax, flute, sound mix

Labtest Transmission 42nd St.

Project Info

A storefront performance/installation in NYC.
Super 8 Loops
Video projections
Interactive robot cameras
Mixed media

dream of the city

Project Info

performance edit of dream of the city.
@ the kitchen NYC
using text from
jachym topol
eleni sikilenious
film collages of
peter bill
music of
james rowe
michael lee and eleni read the poetry live for the performance. for full credits see the end of the movie...