Tarkovksy films available for free on-line

I would put Tarkovsky up there with Kubrik fighting for the title of “greatest director of the 20th Century,”

Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1986) firmly positioned himself as the finest Soviet director of the post-War period. But his influence extended well beyond the Soviet Union.  The Cahiers du cinéma consistently ranked his films on their top ten annual lists. Ingmar Bergman went so far as to say, “Tarkovsky for me is the greatest [director], the one who invented a new language, true to the nature of film, as it captures life as a reflection, life as a dream.” And Akira Kurosawa acknowledged his influence too, adding, “I love all of Tarkovsky’s films. I love his personality and all his works. Every cut from his films is a marvelous image in itself.”

Of course Bergman and Kurusawa, along with several significant others, belong up there too. But Kubrik represents the best American cinema could produce, as does Tarkovksy for the Soviets.  So how about an epic rap battle between the two at least. And watch some of these films!

(hat tip Phillip Turek) (and so let us not forget Milos Forman as well!)


WNMU New Media Grad Junchen Huang already plugging into Manhattan art scene

Well Junchen Huang has not wasted a breath on arriving in the big city. The day after he arrived he was brunching in little Italy, and plotting guerrilla projections around town. This week brings the fruits of his labors working with the SHADOWPEOPLEPROJECT.ORG, taking footage he shot last March in Hiroshima through a trip organized through WNMU’s Expressive Arts professor of New Media Peter Bill, and projecting it at Chashama.org‘s famous Anita’s Way at the heart of Times Square.  These art projects have been put together by an international arts organization led by Taku Nishimae.  Cannon Hersey, a New York City based artist has been instrumental in connecting the dots on this project.


“Shadow People Project” commemorates the 70th anniversary since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Shadow People Project will present video works by established artists and youth on August 6th at 6pm at Anita’s Way (137 West 42nd Street) in Times Square, New York.

原爆投下70年を期して、NYのど真ん中で、世界のアーティストと若者が集い、平和への祈りと未来への希望を創るイベント行います。アメリカ、日本、カナダ、メキシコ、イギリス、南アフリカのアーティスト集団で、被爆者へのオマージュを捧げ、その記憶を未来へつないでいくプロジェクト=Shadow People Projectを始めました。



image by Cannon Hersey and video and remix by Junchen Huang

Solo artworks by Cannon Hersey, grandson of John Hersey (author of Hiroshima) and originator of Shadow People Project, will also be on display. These artworks were created earlier this year in Hiroshima and exhibited at Komachi Art Place, Hiroshima, Japan; Red Rock Historical Society, New York, USA; and Larva, Guadalajara, Mexico. Projections include the US Premier of clips from the feature documentary film “Hiroshima Revealed” broadcast on NHK in Japan on August 4th and 5th which depicts artist Cannon Hersey following the path of his grandfather John Hersey’s depiction of 6 survivors of the atomic bomb of Hiroshima.


Installation shot from Cannon Hersey’s recent exhibition of work made in Hiroshima in Guadalajara, Mexico through the support of the cultural department of the City of Guadalajara.

Shadow People Project will feature video remixes by Peter Bill, Junchen Huang and Tomoya Sasaki of shadow art submitted by the public to www.shadowpeopleproject.org and featured artworks by Gregory Clark, Stephanie Rose, Giles Clarke, Michelle Inotherworld and Samson Mnisi. Artworks and video made by international youth through the Shadow People Project workshop will also be on display.

[vimeo 126078184 w=500 h=281]

Shadow People Cd Juarez: Resizte Berlin Wall from peter bill on Vimeo.

This event is made possible through the generous support of the Rolin Foundation, Tanimoto Peace Foundation, Chashama, Zengo, Katsu New York, Mayor of Nishiwaki, Maruman, Inc and Watanabe Family.

Together, we stand united as Shadow People to commemorate the survivors of the atomic bomb and to recognize those shadow people in each community around the world, and to encourage them to rise out of the shadows.

video art work by Shadow People Project workshop participants Kimiko Oku, Ran Katashima, Ruri Matsuoka, Alexis Mena, Jun Chen Huang and Andrew Clark  in Hiroshima, March/April 2015.

Shadow People Project was built by Taku Nishimae, Steve Leeper, Rebecca Irby and Cannon Hersey and the community of participants, patrons and public that believe in a new way.

Join us and send us your shadow- (www.shadowpeopleproject.org).

Media Inquiries:

  1. David Carley: +1-212-515-1903; +1-516-455-7220; DCarley@ASBSLLC.COM

日米、カナダ、中国の若者とともに行ったArt Workshop for Peaceのメンバーも参加、NYの若者たちとの交流の場ともなります。

場所はTimes Squareにほど近いAnita’s Way。ニューヨークでも有数のパブリックスペースで、42丁目のから43丁目にわたる1ブロックの長さの吹き抜け空間はステージ、照明、大型プロジェクターを備え、数々の文化的イベントが行われてきました。






西前 拓  917-450-4921  taku@zengo.com          takunishimae@gmail.com

WNMU/Shadowpeopleproject.org in El Paso!

First Friday’s El Paso is a great art party, at 501 Texas.  They do this every first Friday, in the 6 warm months of the year. Professor Peter Bill and New Media students set up animated projections and represented for Silver City and WNMU down in Texas. Next time, come on down!


Recently a student of ours travelled to Japan, this is his story:

Cool way to get your photos out, and do something cool too!

Lets do some shadows people!! I am friends with these folks:

Shadow People Project was inspired by the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, where thousands of people were blown away, leaving only their shadows printed by heat on streets, bridges, walls, and granite steps. These shadow people were the first to be rendered faceless and nameless by a nuclear weapon, but they were neither the first nor the last people rendered shadows by a great power.


The Shadow People Project is designed to bring shadow people out of the shadows, to fill the dark night with millions of tiny stars to let the world know we are  source site HERE and  Article 58 Cialis Sales prevacid walmart canada regards for sharing your web-site. prevacid cost canada is prevacid over the counter in canada care about what’s  http://ehorn.net/ef/geco.php?hl=free-roblox-username-and-password-with-robux provided by homeless organization pragulic, these tours aren39;t your typical jaunts around charles bridge and the castle happening to us, to each other, and to our planet. 


We strive to connect people by building a community that not only follows the Shadow People Project, but also inspires them to create their own social movements towards a better world. 


Logo Design Contest

Neato contest- with prizes!

see url Logo Contest!

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  • Open to everyone! Really. Everyone.
  • Must look good, large or small, because we’d like to use it on EVERYTHING!
  • Official rules – email barb@tvcgrantcounty.org (subject line: Logo), or stop by The Commons, 501 E 13th St (on the corner of 13th and Corbin) for rules and release forms.

How to Submit Your Design:

  • Email barb@tvcgrantcounty.org (subject line: Logo) before 11:59 PM, or
  • Drop off at The Commons, 501 E 13th St (on the corner of 13th and Corbin) before 4PM on February 4, 2015. Please remember to include your contact information and applicable waivers for your submission to be considered.


Winner will be notified by February 11, 2015; prize will be awarded by February 14.


More questions? Email Barb (subject line: Logo) at barb@tvcgrantcounty.org, call her at 575.388.2988 or stop by The Commons.

Deadline is February 4!

POPUP: new media mini festival

[vimeo 117811446 w=500 h=281]

POPUP- new media mini festival from peter bill on Vimeo.

New Media mini festival

like water for the desert
new media for New Mexico

Hosted on the campus of WNMU in Parotti Hall

Thursday February 19th
6-7:30 PM

Electronic Literature
sandy baldwin- WVU

New Media Acoustics:
bruce bennett-SFSU
barry moon- ASU
doug nottingham-

Interaction Design
jessica rajko- ASU

Moderated by peter bill WNMU

Friday February 20th

jessica rajko

sandy baldwin
Literary Spam: performance writing in video games

bruce bennett peter bill
Key:MacroMicro (Stretch)

barry moon doug nottingham
elastic guitar
snare alchemy 2.0
bud pets

First Light on the Oxberry Project

Kate Brown, a multimedia artist and key figure in the new Mimbreno visual arts movement, has been working to get physical, as opposed to digital, animation back up and running here in SW New Mexico.  A key part of this is her Oxberry, an animation stand from the Disney era, used for title design and cel based animation from the 1950’s… She drove this beast of an animation stand all the way back from Rhode Island to install it in her studio at the Hot Springs Ranch in Mimbres, NM.

Kate has been working to create the multiplane, which are series of glass plates, that when photographed from above allow for depth and 3d to be introduced into 2d animations.  Working with several local builders,  this process has begun.

The WNMU New Media Studio, as part of its visiting artist series, is inviting new media artists to visit campus and work with students to create new works.  The first artist to visit this year is Stephen Dirkes, a NYC film maker and stop motion animation specialist.  We had the students collect flora from around the ranch, as we timelapsed, now we get to play:

[vimeo 111174383 w=500 h=281]

Mimbres Hot Spring Lapse 2014 from stephen dirkes on Vimeo.