We have been getting lots of good press lately!

Expired Viagra Much thanks for everyone who participated and helped!

click This is for the JuarezX show, with interview of Sarita Cordelero (translated by the ever awesome Dr. Lydia Huerta):

http://datasciencemelbourne.com/?pot=Ciprofloxacin-Eye-Drops-For-Sale&7e0=d8 juarezX-press2

go to site This is for Landscape of the Gila, and the Gila Time-lapse Film Festival. Interviews of Casey Kiernan, Stephen Dirkes, Godfrey Reggio, Christin Necker, Victor Masayesva, and petit moi. I spent AGES agonizing over the art for the Gila River Fest poster, and then at the last minue, came up with the hand image for the cover of Desert Exposure…
So much thanks to Allyson Siwik, and Donna Stevens who work SO hard every year to make this happen.

http://blackfeetfilms.com/?poga=Cost-Of-Clomid-Without-Insurance&549=00 gila-river-press!

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